Top 10 recommendation dive rite light

Finding the best dive rite light suitable for your needs isnt easy. With hundreds of choices can distract you. Knowing whats bad and whats good can be something of a minefield. In this article, weve done the hard work for you.

Best dive rite light

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Dive Rite BX2 Handheld Light Dive Rite BX2 Handheld Light
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Dive Rite CX1 Handheld Light Kit Dive Rite CX1 Handheld Light Kit
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Dive Rite LX20 LED Handheld Primary Light Dive Rite LX20 LED Handheld Primary Light
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Dive Rite HP50 Scuba Light System Combo Package Canister Handheld Dive Rite HP50 Scuba Light System Combo Package Canister Handheld
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Dive Rite Lift Bag Sleeve Only Dive Rite Lift Bag Sleeve Only
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Dive Rite Safety Classic Reel, Medium S/S Snap, 140 ft #24 Orange Line Dive Rite Safety Classic Reel, Medium S/S Snap, 140 ft #24 Orange Line
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Dive Rite Canister Light Mounting Strap Kit Dive Rite Canister Light Mounting Strap Kit
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Dive Rite Video Diffuser for Primary Light Dive Rite Video Diffuser for Primary Light
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Dive Rite QRM-BX1 Striker Only for BX-1 Light Dive Rite QRM-BX1 Striker Only for BX-1 Light
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Dive Rite Scuba Diving Helmet - RED Color Dive Rite Scuba Diving Helmet - RED Color
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1. Dive Rite BX2 Handheld Light


Dive Rite BX-2 Light, Battery, Lanyard, Battery Charger
Dive Rite BX-2 Light Package:
Powerful, Reliable, and Simple
Everything a Top-Notch Diving Light Should Be
Latest LED Technology


Powerful, reliable, and simple the BX2 is everything that a top-notch diving light should be. Building on the highly rated BX1, the BX2 incorporates the latest LED technology into a stronger and more refined package. The CREE XP-L High Intensity LED and smooth reflector produce a crisp, tight hot spot ideal for signaling or peering under a reef ledge, while still providing a wide halo of light with enough side spill to light up a room. The compact body has been completely redesigned to incorporate a knurled grenade pattern for a secure grip even with gloved hands. Thickened body walls offer increased strength and durability and make the light feel as good as it looks. The hard coat anodized aluminum body uses double O-ring seals to keep out the wet stuff. The included lanyard keeps the light close at hand, and a castled end cap design with recessed tie point allows the light to tail stand should you find yourself gearing up in the dark. The light is powered by a single high capacity 3400mAH 18650 Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery which is included along with a cord-free wall charger. The battery is easy to change and replacement 18650 batteries are widely available. A direct drive system provides over an hour of peak brightness and then slowly tapers for an additional 2+ hours as the battery drains. Mounting holes in the body make the BX2 fully compatible with Dive Rite's QRM accessories. Add an optional QRM soft hand mount (see SKU: DIVLT6121) to turn the BX

2. Dive Rite CX1 Handheld Light Kit


Aluminum body w/ 1000 lumen output with 3.5 hour burn time
Offers a tight 6 degree beam angle
Uses a replaceable 5200 mAH 26650 OR 18650 li-ion battery
Add optional Diffuser for video or photo use
Add optional mount for use with QRM


The CX1 is a compact handheld dive light using a Cree XM-L2 U4 emitter and orange peel reflector with a tight 6 degree beam. The CX1 boasts 1000 lumens max power at 6500 Kelvin color temperature. The relatively small size makes it a great light for the traveling recreational diver, while its power and features appeal to even the most demanding tech divers.


  • Machined Anodized Aluminum Body
  • Tight 6 degree beam angle
  • LED: Cree XM-L2 U4
  • 1000 lumens max (100%) 3.5hrs
  • 500 lumens max (50%) 7.5hrs
  • 250 lumens max (25%) 15hrs
  • 50 lumens max (5%) 75hrs
  • 1000 lumens max strobe (10% duty cycle) 35hrs
  • User replaceable 5200 mAH 26650 li-ion battery (Sleeve for use of 18650 battery)
  • 2 amp USB fast charger
  • Add optional Diffuser for video or photo use
  • Weight including 26650 battery: 11.0 oz (312 g)
  • Dimensions: 5.51 in. (14.00 cm) length x 1.65 in. (4.19 cm) width
  • Package includes: CX1 light, battery, charger, lanyard, battery sleeve, and protective carrying case

3. Dive Rite LX20 LED Handheld Primary Light


Offering 20,000 LUX and depth rated to 500 ft
6-degree concentrated light beam
Rotary magnetic on/off switch w/ double o-ring seal
{6 in | 15 cm} in length and {2 in | 5 cm} in diameter
Includes the Dive Rite QRM soft hand mount


At only {6 in | 15 cm} in length and {2 in | 5 cm} in diameter, it's small in size and big in brightness. With 20,000 LUX at 6,500K, the LX20's brightness out does most corded primary lights on the market today. Designed as a primary light, the LX20's 6-degree concentrated light beam from a polished metal reflector punches through the water lighting the way with a clean center spot. The LX20 includes the Dive Rite QRM soft hand mount along with a {500 ft | 152 m} depth rating, a rotary magnetic on/off switch, and a double o-ring seal body providing proven protection against flooding. Its compact design and make it ideal for any type of diving requiring a primary light source as well as travelling where weight matters.

4. Dive Rite HP50 Scuba Light System Combo Package Canister Handheld


Cree XLamp XHP50.2 LED driven @ 24W produces over 3500 lumens @ 6500 Kelvin
Integrated microprocessor control unit monitors temperature and battery voltage
Magnetic rotary switch controls four output modes: high power, medium power, low power, and strobe
Durable CNC machined Delrin and hard-coat anodized aluminum body construction
Depth Rating: 500 feet (152m). Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.


Get the best of both worlds with the HP50 Combo Pack! Includes the HP50 light head, both handheld and canister battery packs with corded adapter, chargers, travel case, and Soft Handmount with QRM Mounting System. Dive Rite's all new HP50 raises the bar for technical lighting systems. Completely adaptable to any dive mission, the HP50 easily transforms from a compact, lightweight travel companion to a rugged workhorse capable of boundary pushing, multi-hour technical dives. At its heart, a next generation multi-die Cree XLamp XHP50.2 LED provides unparalleled output, efficiency, and reliability. A unique light head design offers improved heat sinking and features a cross drilled water channel that provides a direct thermal path from the back side of the LED chip to the water for maximum output and efficiency. A magnetic rotary switch controls 4 modes of operation: High, Medium, Low, and Strobe. An integrated microprocessor control unit continuously monitors battery voltage and temperature to keep the light operating at peak efficiency. As battery voltage drops, light output steps down eliminating the possibility of suddenly being left in the dark due to a dead battery. The light alerts the diver of this step down in light output by a series of flashes, after which, the light produces a minimum of another 4+ hours of usable light. In a sea of cheaply made imports, the HP50 stands out and is proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.

5. Dive Rite Lift Bag Sleeve Only


Keep Lift Bags Or Surface Marking Tubes Neatly Stored And Easily Accessible With Our Easy To Use And Convenient Sleeve. The Material Holds Up To Salt Water And Dries Quickly. It Can Be Attached To The Back Of The Transpac Or Backplate.

6. Dive Rite Safety Classic Reel, Medium S/S Snap, 140 ft #24 Orange Line


Dive Rite Cavern/Safety Reel 140ft #24 Line with Medium Stainless Steel Bolt Snap
Orange, Dacron line does not stretch, keeping firm tension.
White, DuPont fiber braid line provides strength and minimizes fraying.
Cave series reels use #24 braid line giving 220-lbs of breakage strength.


The Safety Reel is used by cave and wreck divers as a back-up reel, or by cavern divers as their primary navigation tool. It has many other uses in activities such as search and recovery, and recreational diver training. It comes with a medium stainless steel bolt snap, and either { 90 ft | 27 m } of #36 white line or { 140 ft | 43 m } of #24 line, in a choice of white or orange. Includes the Dive Rite non-removable S/S lockdown screw.

7. Dive Rite Canister Light Mounting Strap Kit

8. Dive Rite Video Diffuser for Primary Light


Diffuser, Lanyard
Dive Rite Video Diffuser for Primary Light
Using Corded or Handheld Primary Light for Underwater Video?
Add Light Diffuser to Video Equipment Bag
Widens Beam Angle of Light


Using your corded or handheld primary light for underwater video?If so, then you'll want to add a light diffuser to your video equipment bag. The video light diffuser widens the beam angle of light, which prevents hotspots and evenly distributes light across your subject. It also helps to reduce shadows, allows for better contrast, and stops any overpowering of light in any one area. Using the video diffuser allows you to take better video right from the start with little added expense. TheVideo Diffuser for Primary Lights is compatible with LX20 (see SKU: DIVLX20) handheld and LX25 (see SKU: DIVLX25L) corded primary lights. It also works with most of Dive Rite's older fixed focus lights, including the RX and MR11 series. The video diffuser can easily be attached and removed underwater and stays secured to your light with the provided lanyard. Diffuser is made from corrosion proof Delrin plastic.

9. Dive Rite QRM-BX1 Striker Only for BX-1 Light


QRM-BX1 Striker Only for DR BX-1 Light

The Dive Rite Quick Release Mount System (QRM) uses a system of rollers and bands to easily clip a light head into the mount. The system is made up of two rollers, one fixed and one moving, joined together by a pair of heavy duty EPDM o-rings, all on a receiver plate. (The receiver always includes a spare pair of EPDM o-rings.) When the striker on the light is pushed against the front, moving roller or the receiver plate, the EPDM rings allow the front roller to move forward. Placing the striker into the channel of the receiver plate, pressing forward against the front roller and releasing, the EPDM rings will retract, securely holding both sides of the striker under the rollers. To release the light head, simply push forward on the light head. The EPDM rings will stretch, the front roller moves forward, and lift up on the back of the light head. The strikers on the light head will be free from the rollers.

10. Dive Rite Scuba Diving Helmet - RED Color


Protection from head impact underwater
Adjustable nylon inner suspension cradle with adjustment dial
Ventilation holes near crown for limited resistance
Adjustable soft chin strap with buckle
Excellent mounting platform for diving lights / video


Protect your noggin! The Dive Rite Diving Helmet offers increased head protection for diving activities where there is risk of head impact. Helmets are often recommended for use with DPV's in overhead environments. They also provide a mounting platform for lights and compact video cameras.

The head circumference adjustment dial provides the perfect snug fit. The adjustable inner suspension cradle and chin strap with quick release buckle are made of soft nylon webbing that provides comfortable support. The mesh ventilation system minimizes trapped gas bubbles during underwater use. The ABS shell also has a generous section on each side for attaching light or camera mounts. The Dive Rite logo is etched in the center back portion.

The Dive Rite Diving Helmet adjustable suspension cradle fits most heads with a circumference from { 20 to 24 in | 51 to 62 cm }. Only one size is available, and it does NOT fit everybody, so we recommend you actually measure to be sure of fit before you order.

Though sold with diving in mind, Dive Rite's helmet also has a CE EN 397 certification for use as an industrial helmet protecting the user from falling hazards.


By our suggestions above, we hope that you can found the best dive rite light for you. Please don't forget to share your experience by comment in this post. Thank you!

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